If you are someone who has kids (or simply loves amusements parks yourself!), then you need to take advantage of discounts that are available to some of the largest amusement parks in the country. One of the major programs that can provide you with major discounts is called Abenity. This is a discount program that will provide you with access to major amusement parks at a discount nationwide. With summer right around the corner, this could be the trick you need to help you make that dream vacation more affordable. Whether you are into roller coasters, water parks, or something else entirely, everyone in your crew will have a blast enjoying the summer sun at some of the top amusement parks in the country!

Universal Studios Orlando: A 25 Percent Discount on General Admission Tickets

One of the top discounts available through Abenity comes at Universal Orlando Resort. Universal Orlando Resort is known for providing unforgettable adventures, romantic meals, and exhilarating rides! This even provides the opportunity to relax by the pool while enjoying 25 percent off of general admission prices! This means that a family of four is basically getting a ticket for free! This is a great way to make a dream trip that much more affordable this summer!

Six Flags: A 20 to 40 Percent Discount

Six Flags is one of the top amusement park chains in the world. They have amusement parks scattered all over the country. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to take advantage of some of the best roller coasters in the world. There are dozens of parks across the country and each of them has a different set of rides! If you are up for some traveling, you can take advantage of this discount multiple times throughout the summer! Depending on the number of people and the location of the park, the discount through the Abenity program could be as high as 40 percent! This is a massive saving at one of the biggest amusement park chains in the world!

Cedar Point: Save up to 10 Percent on General Admission Tickets

For those who are looking for thrills, Cedar Point is the place to go. This is a park that is filled with plenty of rides that roll, twist, flip, and more! Without a doubt, this park is simply the recipe for summer fun! Cedar Point has consistently been voted as one of the top amusement parks in the country. As it sits on Lake Erie with an impressive array of roller coasters, everyone can enjoy the view while taking advantage of some of the top rides in the country! Best of all, the Abenity discount program even provides people with the opportunity to save 10 percent on general admission pricing! Why not check out everything that Cedar Point has to offer?

Enjoy Massive Discounts at Major Amusement Parks

These are some of the top discounts offered through the Abenity discount program at amusement parks. With summer coming up fast, why not take a look at these discounts and plan a fun summer vacation today? This is a trip that can be fun for all ages!