Creativity is always a delicate balance between of nature and nurture. Although some people may think that creativity is a virtue which is inborn, you enhance your creativity by several other external ways. Below are the top 5 ways you can adapt to boost your mental creativity.

Always Re-Conceptualize the Problem

Research shows that creative people tend to look at problems from a different perspective before coming up with ways to tackle it. This is a great way to boost mental creativity for a healthy mind. Try to create a mind-informed picture of the problem instead of focusing on the possible solutions to the problem.

Re-visualize the problem from different angles before you start thinking about its solution. The concept of re-conceptualization opens up your mind and thinking scope which boosts your mental creativity.

Creativity is All about Making Connections

Don’t be fooled that creativity is always about coming up with original ideas. In the real sense, creativity revolves around joining dots to create new connections. This makes it look pretty exciting since after all there’s nobody who can’t connect things.

However, what separates the creative thinkers from other is their thinking style. Although all of us can connect things, we can’t do so in a similar manner. Intelligence is something that is usually born out of the physical connections in your brain. If you want to boost your creativity, then you must learn to make the connections uniquely.

Stay Positive

The best creative work is usually done during strong positive moods although negative moods can also boost your creativity to some extent. The feeling of love, care, and affection encourages creative thinking. However, staying positive isn’t just about finding a positive place and relaxing, It’s about envisioning the future, undertaking quick exercises and recalling your good memories which trigger your inner creativity.

You should also ensure that your attitude remains positive for better results. Go to a positive place; think about the random things in your life to refresh your mind before you embark on the mission of unlocking your hidden creativity.

Learn to Borrow Ideas from Others

Borrowing ideas from other people is a great way to boost mental creativity for a healthy mind. Keep in mind that even the greatest innovators need people around them to discuss their new idea and innovations with. Great ideas are born out of a group of like-minded individuals. Most important is the fact the team shares their thoughts and find a way of bringing them together to develop a unique innovation.

Always Consume Content that is Out of Your Comfort Zone

Most people love reading literature that falls within their field of specialization or interest. However, this trend tends to kill off your creativity. The only way you can get creative is by consuming lots of content that has been published outside your industry. Develop a habit of reading books outside your genre and reading blogs outside your field of specialization.