A trip can be an excellent source of adventure. It’s the best way we get to see beautiful places and create an unforgettable memory. But even with all the exciting anticipation for travel, stress and anxiety can take a toll on us.

In a survey from Wakefield Research, 44-percent of the travelers confess to having lost temper during travel. Worse still, a third of the respondents reveal that they’ve yelled at a stranger while nearly quarter had to cancel the trip altogether to avoid stress.

For those planning business trips, you have to take the trip lest you jeopardize your career. Well, you can cancel the trip if your travel was purely for leisure. Fortunately, you don’t have to give in to the travel cage. We discuss three incredible travel tips to make your next commute happier and safer;

Pack All the Home Comfort for Traveling

Most people will find travel stressful which is why it makes sense to nurture yourself. Yes, that may sound counteractive to the fact that you should pack only enough. But you can make it happen if you eliminate whatever you don’t need. Take all the things that you believe will keep your comfort for the entire travel such as a blanket, neck pillow and soundproof headphones.

If you can, listen to a podcast, download all the sweet music, watch hilarious videos and read a book you enjoy. You won’t even realize how fast time will pass. And if the travel is long, don’t forget to nap from time to time so you can stay fresh.

Eat and Drink Smartly to Beat Stress

When traveling on holiday, there’s this temptation to overindulge in eating and drinking, and particularly when you meet with friends and family. Do so may interfere with your eating patterns elevating the stress levels and making you less comfortable.

If you want a wonderful trip to and fro, be sure to bring your snacks. And instead of the junks, try healthy snacks. In your preparation, you can prepare individual servings of dry fruit and pack them ready for travel. Avoid salty snacks at all costs as they can get you pretty dehydrated. Also, forget about the high-sugar, high-fat snacks that’ll only add to the travel stress.

A healthy snack like a banana contains potassium capable of controlling the high blood sugar level that comes momentarily due to the travel stress build-up. Be sure not to forget some chewing gum to help you manage anxiety.

Stay Flexible while Traveling

Most of the time, we’re so rigid that we deny ourselves the chance to enjoy the trip. While planning is noble, make sure that you leave some room for making changes depending on the situation.

The secret to a stress-free holiday trip is to set realistic expectations. Just know that your flight could be delayed or something such as the rain or snow could interfere with your plans to do something. Be open to any mishap but with the conviction that they don’t have to ruin your trip. It’s simple. Relax and have fun.