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Suggest A Benefit

At MSGA, we value our member’s feedback. We are constantly looking for ways to add additional value to your membership and improve your experience with us. For that reason, if you have any suggestions for benefits you would like to receive as part of our membership, please let us know!

Please keep in mind that the majority of our benefits fall within the health, diet and fitness industries, and we will consider all suggestions made within these categories.

We take member suggestions seriously and will review each and every suggestion.  If we believe the benefit would be a great fit for MSGA, then we will contact you and the vendor to discuss the opportunity.  If we don’t pursue your suggestion, please don’t be insulted; there are many factors we must consider when adding a benefit to our offering.

To suggest a new benefit, click on the button below and fill out the request form.  This will be sent directly to our team who liaise with our partners. If your suggestion is added to our list of benefits, you’ll be the first to know!