2019 Speakers Series

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Happiness at Work
by Elizabeth Lombardo

Mating Matters: Using Science to Win the Game of Love
by Wendy Walsh

Relentless Solution Focus: The Ultimate Measure of Mental Toughness
by Jason Selk

The Quest for Purpose: A Self-Discovery Process To Find It And Live It!
by Ken Keis

Time Management
By Barbara Reich

The Busy Professional’s Dream: Improved Focus, Less Stress, and More Energy
By Erin Palinski-Wade

21 Days to Resilience
by Zelana Montminy

Mindfulness-Based Goal Commitment for Work, Play, Love, & Life
by Madelaine Weiss

Mindset Magnet
by Ricky Kalmon

Vibrant Energy
by Kate Cook

What Is Your Ironman Challenge?
by Bobbie LaPorte

Healthy Living: Your Links to Personal and Professional Success
by Todd Whitthorne

2018 Speaker Series

Change Your Life: Cook!
by Sandra Lewis

Mindfulness Meditation Advantages
by Jordan Friedman

Reset, Renew, and Re-energize yourself
by Tessa Todd Morgan

Digital Health – Perspective and Overview
by John Nosta

Aging, Healthy Living, and Life Extension
by Steven Hausman

Blue Zones: Secrets of a Long Life
by Nick Buettner

Eat, Move, Sleep: Why You Seriously Need All 3 to Be Successful
by Ted Ryce

Fit From The Inside Out: How To Step Off The Emotional Rollercoaster, And Stop Decades Of Dieting
by Pina De Rosa

How The Brain Can Dramatically Control Stress
by Dr. Marc Milstein