Fit From The Inside Out: How To Step Off The Emotional Rollercoaster, And Stop Decades Of Dieting

by Pina De Rosa

After Pina De Rosa’s acclaimed TEDx Talk, and after co-leading the TheNewHollywood’s Get My Body Back 2 Elective with Brianna Brown, she was inspired to take her health and fitness results to a whole new level to finally getting her body back.

This webinar is for those who are tired of the emotional rollercoaster. It will gets us to look beyond the “how” into the “why,” giving access to the missing piece of the puzzle that most people don’t know about: how to recognize that there is self-sabotage, how to reach out for the appropriate support, and what to do differently that will make a difference once and for all.

Eating healthy and exercising is not enough—there is a lot of information that tell us “how.” What we really want to know is what underlies the “how,” and that is what this webinar is about.

In “Fit from The Inside Out,” Pina shares how a negative experience, such as date-rape in college, opened positive doors, rather than shut her down from her life. Results are not achieved with willpower alone, nor with just diet and exercise, but by exploring the deep-seated emotional blocks that keep us from achieving what we want to achieve. Not everybody is raped, and not everyone needs to lose 50 pounds, but nearly everybody has some emotional blocks that are preventing them from getting where they want to be.

This webinar is designed to explain how people can do what she did which is step off the emotional roller coaster, stop decades of dieting, and lose the extra weight. It’s not just about the “what,” it’s not about the “how,” it’s about the “why.”

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