Cluster headaches can be devastating to people. While many people have heard about or experienced migraines, cluster headaches have the potential to be worse. Those who have had cluster headaches in the past are likely familiar with the symptoms. They could feel excruciating pain on one half of their face. They might feel like that half is paralyzed. They might feel shooting, stabbing, or shock-like sensations. Uncontrollable tearing in the eye might take place. While there are medical treatments available, these headaches can also be controlled with diet and lifestyle changes. What are some of the tips and tricks that people could employ to prevent cluster headaches?

Avoid Sandwich Meat

Furthermore, try to avoid any meats that have been preserved. While fresh meat is fine, meat that has been preserved, such as a sandwich meat, is very high in chemicals called nitrites. In addition to the numerous other detrimental health benefits, nitrites have also been linked to an increase in the amount of cluster headaches. For those who are looking to keep up their amount of protein intake, try turning to fresh meat from the butcher section instead. Options such as tofu and eggs are also great sources of protein. Avoid nitrites to see a drop in the frequency of cluster headaches.

Tyramine is a Cause

Tyramine is a breakdown product of the important amino acid Tyrosine; however, tyramine is also a known cause of cluster headaches. Therefore, people should try to stay away from foods that have high amounts of tyramine in them. Common foods include yogurt and aged cheeses. In general, the stronger the smell of the cheese, the more tyramine it is likely to have. Other foods that might have lower amounts of tryamine in them include beans and bananas. Those who suffer from cluster headaches should stay away from these tyramine-containing foods.

Other Lifestyle Changes

Diet is an easy fix to decrease the number of cluster headaches; however, it is far from the only intervention that people can employ. There are other lifestyle changes that can decrease the frequency of cluster headaches. Those who smoke should do everything in their power to try and cut out the tobacco and nicotine from their lifestyle. Alcoholic beverages have also been known to increase the frequency of cluster headaches, particularly red wine. Other known triggers of cluster headaches include rapid weather shifts and quick changes in elevation. While not all of these are in someone’s control, many of these lifestyle changes can slow the frequency of cluster headaches.

While it is always a good idea to seek advice from a medical professional for severe cluster headaches, it is also smart to try and employ dietary and lifestyle changes to control and prevent cluster headaches. Prevention is easier than treating an acute event and with the right changes, cluster headaches might become a thing of the past. Why not give some of these lifestyle changes a try? People might be shocked at just how drastic the improvements in the frequency and severity of cluster headaches can be.