Every relationship will have its ups and downs, but those couples who are resilient will be able to work through these issues and come out stronger than before. Keep reading for tips to forge a love that endures.

Luckily, there are things you can do to build a relationship that grows in strength through the years, gets you through anything together, and brings you happiness.

Follow these tips to create the loving relationship you’ve always dreamed of:

  1. MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP YOUR TOP PRIORITY. Avoid letting anything get in the way between you and the one you love!
  2. STRENGTHEN YOUR FRIENDSHIP. Best friends want the best for each other and support each other through thick and thin. Do the same with your partner. It’s difficult to be at odds with them when they’re your best friend.


  1. MAKE TIME FOR EACH OTHER. Even when life gets chaotic and busy, spending time together can be a daily oasis of love. Take a break from the chaos and enjoy just being together for a while each day, whether you go out or stay at home.


  1. WORK OUT ANY ISSUES AS THEY ARISE. Resolve relationship challenges as soon as possible to prevent any resentment from building up.


  1. SHOW THAT YOU CAN BE VULNERABLE. Share your feelings. When you open up to your partner and show that you can be vulnerable with them, you are showing them that you trust them. This will allow you to connect on a deeper emotional level.


  1. BE OPEN AND HONEST ABOUT YOUR FINANCES.Hiding money troubles can be a serious stumbling block in your relationship. Make a plan together to resolve financial issues so that they don’t become relationship issues as well.


  1. FIGHT FAIRLY & LOVINGLY. When you disagree or are upset with your partner, avoid placing blame or name-calling. Remember that you love them. Speak kindly to each other. Rather than fighting, clarify the issue and focus on finding a solution that works for both of you.


  1. APOLOGIZE. When you do or say something that upsets your partner, apologize and do what you can to make up for your error. Resolve to avoid doing that in the future. If you need to make a plan to ensure that you do something differently, then do so and follow your plan next time.


  1. FORGIVE. Remember, everyone makes mistakes. It’s just human. Learn to forgive, let go, put it in the past, and move forward together. Forgive yourself as well as your partner for these inevitable errors.


  1. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR PARTNER. Avoid trying to change them. Keeping their positive qualities in mind will help you look past the little things about them that might irritate you. Doing this also brings you patience and keeps that loving feeling alive.


  1. DREAM TOGETHER. Make plans for a future that fulfills you both.


  1. LISTEN WELL AND VALIDATE THEIR FEELINGS. Everyone likes to feel like they matter. Stop what you’re doing and listen to what they want to tell you. Empathize with them.


  1. SHOW YOUR LOVE AND APPRECIATION EACH DAY. Express your love in both words and actions. What makes them feel happy and loved? If you don’t know, ask them!


  1. PRACTICE SELF-CARE. Don’t let everyday stresses get in the way of your relationship! Learn relaxation strategies that work for you. When you take care of yourself, you have the time and energy to take care of others.


  1. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT YOU LOVE THEM! Reflect on why you fell in love in the first place. Let yourself feel the feelings that you first felt together. It’s important to relive these memories, especially when you’re tempted to get upset with them.

Not every day of your relationship will be roses and rainbows. However, with these tips, you will be able to work through anything that comes your way – together.