Sickness and disease can be debilitating, frustrating, and frightening. But even with a health challenge, you can still see the beauty that still exists all around you. Even when you’re dealing with something unpleasant, there are pleasant things to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Take time to think about the things you can still do and the things you really enjoy doing. Do what you can, and ask others to help you with the things that are out of your reach. You might find that having someone help you leads to a shared experience that you’ll both treasure later. It’s all in how you look at your life.

Health Matters, But There are Other Important Issues

Let the love of family and friends surround you and bring you comfort. That peace can surpass any challenges that you’re facing if you allow it to.

When you’re thinking about the obstacles in front of you, consider all the good in your life. There are light and dark aspects of everyone’s life. Find something good and focus on gratitude.


  • Thanking family and friends who love you and are willing to care for you
  • Remembering the years you’ve spent in happiness, doing the things that matter to you
  • Doing what you’re still capable of doing, despite your health challenges or concerns
  • Dwelling on the legacy of love and joy you’ve passed down to younger family members
  • Renewing the hobbies that have given you countless hours of pleasure and happiness
  • Reminiscing about strangers whose lives you’ve touched with healing or gentle words

There are plenty of things you’ve done that have impacted others. You might miss it at the time, but you’ve deeply impacted the people around you at some point in your life. Even a smile, a hug, or a kind word could have drastically altered the course of someone’s day. Who knows what they might have done with that joy?

They may have spread it far and wide, and all from something simple that you did. Keep that spirit alive during the holidays. You’re so much more than your challenges. You are a valuable human being, and those obstacles are but a part of your life story. See them for what they are, and keep a positive perspective and peace in your life.

Pass Your Strength on to Others

When you have strength within you, other people notice. They might even begin to envy you. Avoid holding on too tightly to things that could be shared with others. The joy you get from sharing could be much more than the joy you would give away.

Your family and friends need strength and love, too. They know you’re hurting and want to care for you, but they must also care for themselves. If you can do something for them during the holidays, let your love shine through. Those who care for you will appreciate it, and you’ll get back the strength, joy, and happiness that you brought to others during the Holidays all year long.