Recently, people have been looking for ways to improve the overall health of their body through lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. Reducing sugar intake can reduce the chances of developing diabetes. Increasing daily exercise can improve heart health and reduce weight. One of the other ways that people can improve their health is by focusing on their immune system. While vitamin C, sleep, and exercise can improve the overall health of the immune system, there has been research to suggest that fasting for a few days can also help improve the function of the body’s immune system. Just how does this work?

A Research Study

Recently, a team of medical professionals conducted a prospective research study to analyze the effects of fasting on the body’s immune system. Over a period of a few months, all of the study participants were asked to fast regularly for two to four days. While fasting has been criticized by multiple professionals as unhealthy, scientists have described the effects of this fasting as “impressive.” What they found was that people who fasted regularly over a period of a few months had an almost entirely new immune system.

How Does This Happen?

There are multiple theories behind just how this fasting leads to the generation of a new immune system; however, a prevailing theory is that the lack of intake triggers the production of new white blood cells. During the fast, the body needs to use glucose and fat stores for nutrition of its cells and tissues. While the body fasts, white blood cells are broken down without these nutrients and the body is forced to use stem cells as a means of replacing these immune cells. This means that as the old cells are broken down, they are replaced by new ones. This will, ultimately, lead to the generation of an entirely new immune system. What are some of the applications of this fasting method?

Wide-Ranging Applications for the Population

There have been many different proposed uses for this method of generating a new immune system. Many individuals have low immune systems for one reason or another. Some people have their immune system damaged chemotherapy during cancer treatment. Other people may be elderly, who have weaker bodies due to age. In those who have low immune systems, this method of fasting could serve useful as a method of restoring their immune system. This can help prevent infections with pathogens in immunocompromised people which otherwise could cause significant problems, possibly placing them in the hospital.

Ultimately, there are many lifestyle changes that people can make that will improve their overall bodily health. Focusing on the immune system is an important part of this. While everyone has to make decisions that they feel are best for their health and their body, everyone should think about giving this trick a shot to improve their immune health. It will help them fight off bacteria and viruses, helping to maintain their overall health.