Despite the many advances that have been made in the medical field, some health problems continue to cost the healthcare system and plague families everywhere. One such example is blood clots that often lead to strokes or other health problems. Some of these blood clots can even be fatal. With this in mind, what are some of the foods that people can eat to prevent a stroke?

Eat More Green Vegetables

Green vegetables, while maybe not the favorite food of children, have been shown to lower someone’s risk of having a stroke. Green vegetables are high in fiber, which can decrease the body’s inflammatory response, help protect the blood vessels, and therefore reduce someone’s chance of forming a stroke. Steam them, grill them, and serve them in a variety of dishes to mix up the evening routine and protect the brain’s blood vessels.

Fish Can Aid in Preventing a Stroke

Fish and other forms of seafood have been promoted for a number of different health benefits, including their levels of vitamin D and their levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish have also been promoted as heart healthy and also prevent strokes for this same reason. Fish oil has been shown to reduce the body’s inflammatory response and can lower people’s chances of having a stroke. Fish can be prepared in a variety of ways and with so many different types of fish it is easy to vary the meals.

Whole Grains = Stroke Prevention

Whole grains have been promoted for a number of their health benefits and stroke prevention can be added to the list. Now, it seems like there is whole grain oatmeal, whole grain pasta, and whole grain everything. Whole grains have been shown to reduce the body’s levels of LDL. This reduction leads to lower cholesterol and a lower chance of forming blood clots, including strokes. Try using whole grain oatmeal as a part of the morning routine and as a method of reducing strokes and other blood clots.

Fruits Lower Stroke Risk

Fruit, while high in vitamin C, can also help someone lower their risk of having a stroke. They can help to lower the body’s blood pressure (a main risk factor in having a stroke) and can help reduce the inflammatory response as a whole. Everyone should try to work fruit into their diet every day, including for its ability to protect the brain against a stroke.

Without a doubt, there are many different foods that people can eat to prevent a stroke. Ultimately, it is best to stick to foods that are low in cholesterol if there is any doubt. While HDL is the “good” cholesterol, LDL and VLDL are the “bad” forms of cholesterol. A buildup of this cholesterol in the body will increase its propensity to form a blood clot and can lead to a stroke or a heart attack. Consuming foods and minerals that will reduce cholesterol levels will help prevent a stroke. These delicious food options are a great place to start.