We live in a world that moves a million miles per hour. But, there is no reason our faces have to show the exhaustion. Wake up that tired face and find the way that works best because everyone is unique.

More Than Merely Tired

A tired face is not always caused by being actually tired.  Someone who sleeps too much is as apt to have tired looking eyes as someone who sleeps less than what is healthy. Finding a happy medium is essential.

Allergies are a face killer. Whether it is itching eyes or an eye-watering headache, inside and outdoor air quality makes a difference when trying to get rid of the droopy, tired look. Overexposure to light, especially from a digital device, causes a tired face because of the strain on the eyes. Limiting screen time perks many people up and allows tired eyes their needed rest.

Water Wakes Up the Weary

Splashing the face with cold and warm water revitalizes the eyes. The morning routine is not about washing the face. It is about alternating cold water and warm. Cold water tightens skin and closes pores to keep makeup or sweat build from irritating the waking face. Warm water opens the pores and forces blood to the surface that will immediately wipe the sleepy look off of any face. Who does not enjoy a natural blush of the cheeks?

Eyes get saggy, and bags give away a tired-eye look. A splashing spray may not be enough to wipe exhaustion from a face. Water submersion allows the cold or warm water to both wakes up and give the same benefits as a morning spatter but more intense for a truly tired face.

Eye Rest and Exercise Relaxes

Leaning a desk and palming eye sockets are misinterpreted as boredom or exhaustion. However, eyes require rest, especially at work when screen time is not limited. Rubbing eyes and taking a moment to relax aids in helping that tired face.

Eye exercise sounds like a made up movement. But, if a tired set runs a circuit of items in a room, it gives them a break from the screen or work along with strengthening them to take more. As an example, picturing a painting floating, eyes following it from center to different points for a small period goes a long way to look awake.

Obvious Suspects

Allergies are not unusual. Knowing whether they are indoor or outdoor takes a bit more work. However, reducing indoor allergens requires deep cleaning of soft surfaces that gathers dust and the pollen that sneaks in on shoes or an open portal. Air purifiers are a good practice to reduce the itchy redness that comes with waking up in the midst of an allergy fit.

Sleep, yes, sleep is the one thing that ensures bright eyes and bushy tales in the morning. Sleeping 7-8 hours a night does wonder for a tired face. The added benefit of looking younger is not a bad deal, either.