Women who have like to workout, especially with weights, can find it more challenging as they approach and exceed the age of 40. Over time, lifting weights can negatively affect ligaments and joints, as well as the ability to recover more quickly from a workout. Luckily, there is another option. Resistance band workouts not only can help women get the lean and strong muscles they desire, but they are also a much safer option.

How Do You Workout With A Resistance Band? 

Virtually any exercise movement that you complete with dumbells or a weight bar can also be done by using a resistance band. The main difference with using bands over weights is how your muscles are worked with both the concentric and eccentric movements. Take a bicep curl as an example. Using a resistance band will also work the muscle during the eccentric portion of the movement, which allows the muscles to stay under tension. Here could be an example of a full body resistance band workout for women over 40. Each exercise has 12-15 reps completed with 30 seconds rest and a total of three circuits. This routine is only one variation of thousands of methods that make resistance training with bands limitless.

  • Resistance band squats
  • Seated Rows
  • Pushups (with bands)
  • Lateral Raises

What is the Best Exercise For Women Over 40? 

Women have a higher risk for arthritis as they pass the age over 40, and it can be a debilitating condition. A  full body resistance band workout routine that focuses on multiple muscle groups is one of the best ways to prevent these aches. For women, the movements that strengthen the core, legs , and back muscles can go a long way in maintaining the fountain of youth.  Resistance loop band exercises such as a squat with overhead press, squat and row, or bicycle crunch not only work for several muscle groups, but they can burn more calories and keep you fit.

How Often Should I Strength Train For Fat-loss? 

As mentioned earlier, a resistance band workout routine can become less strenuous on your joints and ligaments, but your muscles will still feel sore. As with any other workout routine, it needs to be combined with a healthy diet regimen and proper rest. A full body resistance band workout can be completed three to four days a week with cardio routines on the alternate days. Resistance loop band exercises should focus on functional movements that focus on the full range of motion that engages the muscles.

How Often Should A 40 Year Old Woman Exercise?

It’s a false assumption that you should limit physical activity over the age of 40. As a general rule, moderate-intensity exercise or activity like walking, jogging, swimming, should be the goal for every woman over 40. Full body resistance band workouts three to four times a week combined with a daily aerobic activity helps women stay lean and healthy. Many working adults are limited on time, but working out with resistance bands help ensure quality over quantity.