Anxiety Drains You — Sometimes Slowly, Sometimes Intensely

Dealing with anxiety, from trying medications to seeking answers, can be stressful. Natural remedies help your body and mind to deal with anxiety in a kind and supportive way. They can be pretty powerful, especially if you invest some time in learning to use them. You learn to respond to carefully designed techniques and time-tested natural substances. Treating anxiety naturally can give you the power to manage your feelings.

We Need Solutions Like the British “Cuppa” for Quick Results

In the UK, a nice cup of tea is the answer for treating anxiety. It has gotten them through several major wars. When someone says “I’ll put the kettle on” they begin an almost-hypnotic process of relaxation in response to someone’s anxiety. We can expand on that effect with a few more modern techniques.

Action: Some Natural Treatments

Treating anxiety naturally helps the body and mind de-escalate the “fight or flight” reflex and related biochemical triggers.

Remedies for Now

Many people respond well to body-related practices over time, but want something which works quickly when anxiety strikes. Happily, there are yoga “mudras” or hand positions which work well for people when they use them during panic attacks or increased anxiety levels. If you’re looking for quick results, some people find that these can do the job after you’ve learned to use them regularly. Remember also that light exercise can help de-escalate anxiety. For simple and quick relief, aromatherapy using oils such as lavender can aim right for the most basic part of your brain, using scent to calm primitive responses.

Solutions You Can Practice

Mindfulness meditation helps you focus and grounds you by regulating your breathing and your attention. It allows you to use habits to let go of your thoughts and firmly stick to your peaceful priority. Recent studies are convincing even more practitioners that it is helpful to prescribe mindfulness training for both acute and long-term stress and anxiety.

Habits Which Will Gradually Lower Your Anxiety Level and Free You

Looking after your health can have a significant effect on your anxiety level. Anxiety may be a symptom of heart conditions, diabetes, thyroid conditions, asthma and other conditions. In addition, take care of your tummy — recent discoveries have indicated that the gut microbiome has a significant relationship with both depression and anxiety.

Checking Out Interactions

The U.S. government’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health website has interaction information. There are also versions of the standard physician’s reference, the PDR, for nutritional supplements, herbal medicines and other natural remedies, so you can work with your provider in making wise choices.

Relying on Natural Remedies Empowers You

As the NIH notes, you can use natural substances which help your body relax like chamomile, nutriceuticals like lysine which supply more of what your body needs to do the job itself, and breathing and yoga-style exercises which have an amazing ability to cause your body to create its own natural remedies in response. Best of all, natural remedies are easily practiced and available wherever you are.