Every day more health care locations are advertising their need for more nurses. The shortage of nurses is being felt throughout the United States. But, what can be done? Med-Sense Guaranteed Association wants to help nursing students succeed and become employed within the nursing industry to help with the future of the healthcare industry.

It is for this reason that MSGA has donated two gifts of $25,000 each to the College of Saint Mary specifically for students in the nursing field. The $50,000 gift has allowed 10 students at this college to receive scholarships in the amount of $5,000 to help them with their college education for the 2016 – 2017 school year. It is with this scholarship that we hope they can complete their dream of becoming a nurse and will be an integral part of the healthcare industry.

Students who received the scholarships were chosen based on financial need, academic standing and upon the recommendation of current or past adults in their lives. It was from the numerous applicants that the 10 recipients were chosen.

A Note from the Recipients

“I would like to say thank you for the opportunity you have given me. Your scholarship gives me a chance to move forward with my education and is a step closer to accomplishing my dream of being a nurse. Coming from Seattle, Washington I worried about my finances. I was worried about the tuition cost and how I was going to pay off the rest of the money that was not covered by financial aid. Having this scholarship has helped me to become less stressed about my financial concerns.”  Awate Aminzason, Freetown, Sierra Leone

“I would like to personally say thank you. Not only from my part, but this is coming from my family and loves ones as well. I am a first-generation student who graduated from high school and pursued higher education. Both my mother and father did not have the opportunity to continue their education and they did not attend high school in their teenage years; so, they pursued their GED diplomas upon arrival in the United States. Being accepted into college was a milestone that both my family and I accomplishing, but becoming a Misericordia Grant Recipient was a blessing. I am thankful every second of every day for the unlimited support I receive from you, as my donor. When I am sitting in lecture, I always give grace to have been given the opportunity to have a seat next to my classmates. Pursuing a higher education was my dream since the moment I arrived in the United States, and it is thanks to you that my dream has become a reality. I would like to assure you that I will continue excelling in my courses, and demonstrate to you that being my donor was worth it. Thank you for all that you do, I owe my success to you.” Dania Cervantes Ayala – Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico

“Thank you for your donation to the College of Saint Mary! This scholarship has impacted my ability to finance and complete my education. CSM has been an amazing college to attend and has truly prepared me for my future career as a nurse. As I enter my senior year I am excited as I look forward to my future in the workforce. Your scholarship has helped make this possible, and I am extremely grateful.” Amber Beighley, Omaha NE

“The scholarship has given me the opportunity to become a nurse which has been a goal of mine since high school. I am a part of a program that has challenged me to be the best nurse I can be. College of Saint Mary has offered me a lot of wonderful opportunities academically and my experience at CSM will help me after I graduate. The scholarship has also allowed me to be a part of one of the best nursing programs in the area. I hope the knowledge I have gained at College of Saint Mary will assist me in making a significant impact in my future career and within the Omaha community. You made this possible, thank you!” Sara Betzelberger, Omaha, NE

“This scholarship has allowed me to go to college. Although my parents are paying for some of it, it would not be possible for my parents and I to afford going here without the scholarships. College of St. Mary has an amazing nursing program and I would not be able to achieve my dream of being a great nurse if I didn’t come here. I do not have a financial burden on my back and I’m able to spend more time traveling to see my sister and her husband and in December my soon-to-be niece in North Carolina. Without these scholarships, I would not be where I am today, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend College of Saint Mary, all thanks to the donors.” Lynsey Curran, Omaha NE

“Thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity that you have given me. Being at College of Saint Mary has been an incredible learning experience. It has made me grow professionally as a woman. I am truly getting the best education and I cannot wait to step out into the real world and start practicing as a nurse. This scholarship opportunity has impacted my life tremendously. Words cannot explain how thankful I am to be able to get an education. I could not have gotten this far without the immense financial help that you have provided me. I had a purpose when stepping onto this college campus and that was to make my family proud of who I could become. I am closer to accomplishing that purpose with hard work and dedication to my studies. Once again, thank you for believing in me and with the grace of God I will graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in May of 2019.” Yuriana Diaz, Mexico

“This scholarship has allowed me to be able to afford my education. It has also allowed me to have more time to focus on my studies while in school. This has allowed me to better my skills and knowledge in healthcare. I am extremely thankful for your generosity. I hope one day I can give back in the form of scholarships for other students.” Callie Herrig, Wall Lake IA

“This scholarship has enabled me to continue my education at College of Saint Mary. If it were not for this scholarship I would not have had the opportunity to attend one of the most highly accredited nursing schools in the area. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that this scholarship has given me. I have been able to attend College of Saint Mary for four years now and I feel completely prepared to begin my future as a nurse next year. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to my nursing career.” Kaitlin Kozuska, Omaha NE

“I would like to take this time to thank you for all your help and support. Without this scholarship I would not have ever had the opportunity to go to college. This opportunity you have created for me changed my entire life and future. I can honestly say that I am living life to my full potential and it’s all because of you. I am very excited and hopeful for the future, and hope that I can one day meet you to thank you in person.” Alondra Ocampo, Teacalco, Morelos, Mexico

About College of Saint Mary

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, the College of Saint Mary is a Catholic women’s university. The college was founded in 1923 by Mother Mary Leo Gallagher who wanted to continue the vision of Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy who believe that the education of women would be the heart of society. The school has a reputation as graduating some notable women throughout history, including those in the nursing profession.