In an effort to assist in increasing the number of nurses in the medical field, MedSense Guaranteed Association is proud to announce its most recent donation to St. John’s School of Nursing. This scholarship assists students that need the extra push financially to complete their degrees.

As pictured above, the recipients of our scholarship are as follows:

From the left, Jennifer Newbold, Kaitlyn Walters, Miranda Baker, and Gracie Reynolds.

Our hope at MedSense, is to help these students succeed in achieving their goals and to make a difference in the medical field. Congratulations to the recipients!

About St. John’s School of Nursing

St. John’s School of Nursing is located in Springfield, IL. They offer upper division bachelor nursing degree programs who have already complete their liberal arts and science courses at other institutions. The St. John’s School of Nursing is associated with the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis and offers students at the school a way to practice the skills that are being taught in this school.

St. John’s School of Nursing is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. The school was founded in 1886 by the Hospital Sister of St. Francis. The school was one of the first schools to meet the challenge of formatting their school to meet the standards of the National League of Nursing in 1952. As one of the oldest Catholic hospital-based schools of nursing in the United States, it churns out many students who make a difference in the nursing field.