Med-Sense Guaranteed Association has a reputation as being a leading institution for the health, fitness, and diet of its members, that are now 100k+ and growing. A huge part of what MSGA wants to accomplish is ensuring that the medical field is not facing a shortage of nurses in the future. As the population throughout the US starts to age, the number of nurses continue to decline. This has been a true statement for several years and will hold true for the future. This will put everyone into a situation of lowered medical standards as nurses will not be available to provide the patient care that each patient deserves.

The shortage of qualified professionals in the nursing field is often due to financial difficulties that these students face once they are in a nursing program. For this reason, MSGA created a named scholarship to benefit undergraduate students at the School of Nursing at St. Louis University. This scholarship fund is divided amongst no fewer than five students each year in hopes of alleviating the financial difficulties that many of these students face.

MSGA has recently donated another $25,000 to this scholarship fund. Previously, MSGA donated $25,000 in April of 2017. The St. Louis University’s Go Further Scholarship initiative was created to match any amount of scholarship that is $100 and over throughout the 2017 fiscal year. Due to this agreement, the Nursing Scholarship fund, with two donations by MSGA, is now at $100,000 for those nursing students in need.

Through alleviating much of the financial burden that nursing students face, it is hoped that more nurses will be working within the medical field. We realize nurses are the backbone of the medical community, and MSGA wants to ensure that these students are given every chance to make it within this field.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is one of the oldest Catholic universities in the United States, having been founded in 1818. The university is in Missouri and provides campuses in Madrid, Spain. The university is recognized for its outstanding academics, including their outstanding health care and research programs. The university was one of the first to offer the accelerated Bachelors of Nursing Degree in the country and has had a nursing program in effect since 1928. The university has since graduated several decorated and respected nurses throughout the state of Missouri and the rest of the United States.