While the pace of technological advance has been impressive, the ability for people to do almost anything they want to wherever and whenever they want to has created a need for constant entertainment that people use to live without. This greatly affects a person’s ability to have high levels of concentration! Because of this, many people have trouble focusing on what they’re supposed to be doing whether it is at school, at work, or even during recreational activities. This inability to concentrate that created a significant amount of stress in the lives of people everywhere and can impact someone’s quality of life both at home and in their careers. With this in mind, what are some ways that people can improve their ability to concentrate when they need to do so? Improving concentration can make people more time-efficient, helping to alleviate many of the worries that have plagued them in the past.

It Starts with Breakfast

Yes, everyone feels tired when they wake up in the morning. People may feel like skipping breakfast for those extra fifteen minutes of sleep could make a difference in how they feel over the course of the day. In fact, it does; however, it actually drags people down because they skip breakfast. The brain is a unique organ in that it is protected by a blood-brain barrier that allows only certain molecules through. That means that the brain cannot use many of the energy stores that other organs are able to access when it needs more energy.

For this reason, people should remember to eat breakfast in the morning because it will ramp up the body’s metabolism. When this happens, valuable sources of energy are released both from breakfast and from stored up sources that the brain will use to both wake up and improve focus. Therefore, everyone should remember to eat breakfast on a daily basis. This will help the body establish a metabolic rhythm, fuel the brain, and improve concentration.

Try to Establish an Exercise Routine

Those who feel like they are dragging in the morning may benefit from exercise prior to starting the daily routine. While many people feel that exercise makes them tired, exercise releases numerous neurotransmitters, such as adrenaline and endorphins, that will both improve someone’s mood and concentration. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that make people feel happy and are responsible for what many people call the “runner’s high.” Adrenaline (also referred to as epinephrine) helps the mind focus as part of the sympathetic nervous system’s “fight or flight” response. Both of these hormones are only a few of the many reasons why people feel more focused after finishing a workout.

For this reason, people everywhere may find benefits to exercising in the morning. It will focus the mind right before school or work, potentially improving concentration while on the job.

Proper Sleep is Vital for Concentration

Those fifteen minutes of sleep from before are important, just not at the expense of breakfast. Everyone should remember that the average person requires eight hours of sleep per night. The average person also does not meet this requirement on a regular basis and sinks into a major sleep debt. Think about what happens over the course of an average work week if someone sleeps seven hours per night. This means that people need to make up five hours over the course of the weekend, which rarely happens.

Sleep is important because this is the time when the brain gets to rest and recharge. It repairs many of the neurons that could have been damaged over the course of the day while also forming new connections that will play a role in the future. If this time is cut short, the brain does not feel fully rested. People may notice this when they have trouble concentrating the next day. Getting the proper amount of sleep on a nightly basis is important for improving concentration.

Do Not Procrastinate

People have been hearing this since grade school yet most people still struggle with procrastination. This isn’t anybody’s fault because people would rather have fun than work; however, procrastination makes it harder to concentrate because people are distracted by how behind they are instead of focusing on the job at hand. Therefore, try not to procrastinate. When something hits the to-do list, try to start on it right away. Even if it cannot be finished immediately, people will feel better knowing that they have already started on it. This leads to less stress and an improved ability to concentrate on whatever else is on the to-do list. Avoid procrastinating to improve concentration.

Eliminate Distractions

When something important takes precedence, turn the phone off. Turn off the TV. If people in the room are distractions, change the room. These are all important tips to eliminate distractions. By eliminating distractions, people will have an easier time focusing on what actually has to be done. This allows the mind to process one task at a time, improving efficiency and concentration at the same time. While it could be a challenge with the advanced technology of today, removing it from the equation will help everyone concentrate on the task at hand.

People everywhere should remember that these are only a few of the many ways that can help improve someone’s ability to concentrate. Improving concentration will, ultimately, prove to be a test of discipline. Are people willing to put in the effort to make these ideas behind improving concentration a reality? Those who are looking for more advice should think about making these tactics a part of their daily routine. If they are able to focus their mind and improve their ability to concentrate, people should start to realize an improved level of efficiency during their daily routines that translate to more time spent doing what they love and less time spent trying to catch up when falling behind.