Bone health has been a major source of research in the medical community because of the impact it has on someone’s daily life. While calcium plays an important role in this, vitamin D does as well. Furthermore, vitamin D does so much more than just take care of bones. It also plays an important role in the immune system and numerous other bodily functions. What are some of the easy ways that people can get their daily vitamin D?

Step Outside

The easiest way for people to get their daily recommended value of vitamin D is to simply step outside. Of course, it has to be sunny out; however, the suns’s rays help to promote the production of vitamin D in the body itself. This is an easy excuse to get outside and enjoy the weather. Why not get that daily exercise in while making some vitamin D at the same time?

Drink Some Orange Juice

Most people associate fruit juice with vitamin C and its importance for keeping illness at bay. While this certainly is packed with vitamin C, orange juice also has a high amount of vitamin D. Orange juice tastes delicious to most people and is packed with numerous vitamins and minerals. It can also help wake people up in the morning. For those who prefer to eat a fresh orange itself, this can also provide vitamin D while adding a bit of fiber as well.

Think About the Sea

Fish have been promoted as part of a healthy diet for a number of years. They have been pushed as heart healthy and have also been shown to be high in omega-3 fatty acids. Fish also have a high amount of vitamin D, only adding to the laundry list of benefits that this delicious food option provides. Fish can be grilled, pan-fried, and served with a number of different meal styles. Furthermore, with so many fish out there, people can vary up their dishes without their preparation going stale.

Eat More Mushrooms

Some people may be surprised to learn that mushrooms are high in vitamin D. While some people love mushrooms and others dislike them, those who are looking for a reason to give mushrooms a try now have one. Prepares and served in a variety of ways, mushrooms can help people get their daily vitamin D.

Add Cheese to Meals

Many different cheeses are also high in vitamin D. A dairy dish that also has calcium, cheese can be a great way to keep those bones healthy. They can be served in a variety of ways, both alone and as a snack with crackers or vegetables. Cheese lovers everywhere can now rejoice at another reason to enjoy this food.

These sources are only a small sampling of the many different ways that people can receive their daily vitamin D. There are many healthy options out there for vitamin D that also taste delicious. Therefore, take care of those bones by making sure that everyone gets their recommended daily value of vitamin D.