Lower insurance costs and a reduction in wasteful hours because of a leaky nose is an easy claim to make about an employee wellness program. But, the benefits and rewards go beyond that quickened overview.  How does an employee wellness benefit program pay off for everyone involved?

The Investment Works for More Than Wellness

More than 75% of healthcare costs for any company or business is the loss in productivity due to employee lifestyles. The Center for Disease Control zeroed in on the cause of poor health when it comes to the workplace and varied working environments.

The study into wellness programs also proved that with a $1 investment in a wellness benefit program has a return of $3 in healthcare costs. The bottom line for businesses begins to look a little brighter when the returns triple the initial investment, as employees will rely on their health insurance less.

But it isn’t merely about the bottom line. Healthy employees also enjoy having a healthy work-family that supports one another. When co-workers show one another support, a wellness team forms and the lifestyle transitions are smoother.

Wellness Programs – More Than a Supplement

Health benefits differ for every company. However, by utilizing employee wellness benefit programs such as those offered through Med-Sense Guaranteed Association, the cost of cafeteria plan health insurance, or premiums in general, goes down because of the use of supplemental wellness programs.

But, a wellness benefit program is not merely to save money, it is to change the lives of employees. Extending life spans is but only one advantage of insurance in tandem with a wellness program. The win/win situation comes with lower costs for changing lifestyles. From health and fitness to nutrition, members of programs such as MSGA have access to news on the latest technology and services.

Different levels of membership are available depending on the path and lifestyle changes a company or employee seeks.

The Benefit of Building a Team

Employees who are passionate about employee wellness programs have a knack for recruiting and assisting their co-workers. The American Cancer Society utilizes an online platform to expand any employee wellness program beyond the wall of a company. The online volunteer program allows employees to sign up and support one another during cancer screenings, or remind them to have cancer screenings. The American Cancer Society even provides volunteers with postcards to remind family members to also get screened for cancer. A wellness benefit program ideally reduces sick leave and early death for employees.

Easing Into Employee Health

Services offered through a wellness benefit program will vary and not everyone will use every service. One lifestyle change can change everything. What kind of benefits can an employer offer?

  • Fitness challenges and gym memberships
  • Meditation classes or space
  • Nutrition information workshops
  • Healthy meal partnerships with local caterers
  • Regular blood drives

Positive behaviors and outcomes are good for business. But more so, they can improve the quality of life for employees for their lifetime by lending a hand in changing unhealthy lifestyles.