Dairy has recently come under fire for being unnatural, unsafe, and unhealthy. There are many myths surrounding dairy and it is important to look into these arguments and see if it is supported by facts so that you can make an informed decision on whether to consume it or not.

Myth: Most people are lactose intolerant so dairy must be bad for us

Fact: People who are lactose intolerant lack the enzymes necessary to digest lactose. However, for those who are not lactose intolerant, consuming milk will not pose any danger. Even people who have a hard time digesting lactose may not show any adverse symptoms after consuming a small amount of dairy.

Saying that some people are lactose intolerant so everyone should not consume milk is like saying no one should eat seafood because some are allergic to it. If you have not shown any adverse effects to dairy before, feel free to enjoy it. If you have previously shown signs of intolerance but love dairy, consult your doctor about ways to safely consume some dairy.

Myth: Dairy can cause cancer

Fact: The most common argument on this is that dairy promotes growth factors that can also lead to cancer growth. While cancer is very likely to be caused by dietary factors, it is also the result of numerous potential factors. Up to this day, it is still very difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of cancer.

Just like dairy, there is a lot of food that can increase growth factors. For example, proteins such as pork, beef, chicken and other types of meat, increase growth factors.

Myth: Humans is the only species that drink milk from other species so it must be bad

Fact: Yes, we are the only species that drink the milk of another. However, we also do a lot of things that other species don’t do. Being the only species that does a certain thing does not automatically make it bad.

Milk is one of the best sources of high-quality protein. It is for this reason that dairy is correlated with helping you lose weight and body fat while increasing muscle mass. As long as you are not lactose intolerant, milk is good for you.

Myth: Dairy causes congestion

Fact: A Swiss report studied the effects of dairy on congestion. What they found out is that those who drink milk did not experience more coughing or runnier nose compared to those who don’t drink milk. Another finding is that participants who already believed that drinking milk produces more mucus are the only ones that experienced increased respiratory problems. Next time you feel congested, look to other causes.

Is dairy good or bad for you?

Dairy has been consumed for decades. Although it has been the subject of many health arguments concerning its safety and being a good source of nutrients, the myths surrounding it has not offered enough evidence. Dairy is also backed by research to increase muscle mass, help decrease body fat, and improve bone density.

As long as you are not lactose intolerant, feel free to consume dairy.