When someone is looking to try and get into shape, the chest muscles are a common target; however, many people get frustrated with the repetitive chest exercises with little to show for it. People could fall into despair and wonder what they are doing wrong. Fortunately, there are a few exercises that people can try that might give them better results. What are some workout routines that can target the chest muscles?

The Flat Bench Dumbell Press

Almost everyone has seen someone doing the standard bench press; however, using the flat bench with dumbells can provide impressive results. When someone uses the barbell, they can add weight and work the front of the chest; however, using dumbells requires more muscles to get involved. Because each hand has to stabilize the dumbell individually, it requires the side of the chest to keep balance. More muscles are worked and more results can be seen. These are chest exercises that are going to render the best results.

Drop the Incline on the Bench

In addition to changing the type of weight that people are lifting, they can change the incline of the bench as well. When people do a bench press, they tend to use the lower muscles of the chest more than the upper muscles or the side muscles. By lowering the incline of the bench, more of the stress will be placed on the upper chest muscles. By working this exercise into the routine, the upper chest muscles will receive just as much of the activation of the lower chest muscles. Be sure to target the lower, upper, and side muscles of the chest equally for balanced results.

Use a Machine Chest Press

The repetitive lifting of a standard bench press has its benefits; however, it doesn’t allow someone to perform both concentric and eccentric exercises at once. A machine chest press will allow someone to slow the repetition without any worry of dropping the weight. By slowing the repetition, the muscle fibers will be activated in a different way, specifically targeting the pectoral muscles over the deltoids. This makes it unique when compared to the bench press. Therefore, don’t be shy about using the machines. They can offer unique benefits that a standard bench won’t provide.

Chest Dips are Great Chest Exercises!

Chest dips are a popular chest exercise because of the minimal equipment they require. They don’t use any weights or machines and there isn’t a spotter necessary. People can alter the way that they perform their dips to target different muscles. For example, changing the position of the legs behind the body or altering the position of the hands relative to the chest will allow someone to target different muscles. While they may not be as glamorous as lifting large weights, it does have its place in a chest workout.

There are many exercises out there; however, few of them will provide the same results as these exercises above. For those looking to improve the size and strength of their chest muscles, why not give some of these a try? People may like what they see!