We all have found ourselves in moments where we needed medical advice on some issue. It may have been a question that really does not require the care of a doctor. Perhaps it was a weekend and you could not wait until you could see your doctor on Monday morning. Maybe you are just wondering what is the next step that you should take for your condition. Ask a Nurse is the answer for those moments. Now, you can have answers over the phone.  Ask a Nurse provides access to a nurse consultant 24 hours a day. You can talk to a registered nurse anytime that is convenient for you. 

Really? Anytime?

Yes, that is correct, anytime. You can access to news24 hours a day. It is just as important that you have access to medical help when you need it. There is nothing worse than feeling sick in the middle of the night and not knowing what to do. Ask a Nurse is the answer for all your questions. 

What Can I Ask?

It does not matter if your question is about current symptoms that you have and what they could mean, Ask A Nurse can handle it. If you are trying to determine if you should go to urgent care, or see your doctor, these nurses can help. You might Ask a Nurse for assistance on managing chronic conditions that you have. The nurses can help when you are trying to find out more information about your options for treatment if you have a specific condition. You may also want to learn more about a potential medical procedure you are considering. The nurses help guide you and makes suggestions about better options to help you care for yourself. 

What Should I Know?

You should keep in mind that the nurses on the help line cannot diagnose your condition. They cannot prescribe medication to you. The answer to your question is informational and not intended to take the place of medical treatment. You should still consult with your doctor or health care professional about any problems or conditions you may have. This may seem like a limitation of Ask a Nurse, but keep in mind, this is professional nursing assistance that provides you with medical guidance. When you are left wondering what you should do next, the nurse help line is there to guide you. 

The nurses on the help line are not able to answer questions about your medical benefits. They cannot provide you information about your coverage or what your medical insurance pays for services. They do not have the details about your insurance. You have to find out if your insurance covers that specific method of care. They are only here to point you in the right direction for the best care for your current needs.  

Please keep in mind, if you need emergency care, please dial 911. This Ask a Nurse help line is not intended to take the place of emergency treatment.