Airplanes are one of the most common places that people get sick. They act as Petri dishes for bacteria and viruses, spreading rapidly among passengers. Fortunately, there are a few ways everyone can stay healthy while riding on a plane.

Sanitize the Area

When arriving at the seat, be sure to wipe it down thoroughly. Use an alcohol wipe or sanitizing gel to wipe down the seat, tray table, and armrests. This will go a long way toward killing any germs that might be present.

Help the Immune System

It is important for everyone to stay up to date on their vaccines. The flu vaccine is one of the most important shots that everyone should get every year. Flu can spread quickly on a plane. Avoid this by helping out the immune system.

Wear a Mask

While some people might be put off by wearing a mask, this can help someone stay healthy while traveling. Masks can play a critical role in preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses to others.

Sit by the Window

When it comes to circulating germs throughout the cabin, the window seat is one of the safest places to be. The window seat is less exposed to the litany of germs that flow through the middle of the plane. Sit here to avoid germs.

Control the Flow of Air

Studies have shown that air filters that are present on planes can keep people healthy; however, if there are sick people nearby, this isn’t going to help. Use the air vents to generate a slight current away from the body.

Drink Water During the Flight

Staying hydrated while riding on a plane is important. The dry air in the plane can make it hard for the body’s mucous membranes to do their job. Keep these membranes healthy by staying hydrated during the flight.

Relax During the Flight

Mental health plays an important role in avoiding illnesses. When someone is more relaxed, the body is able to focus its energy on fending off germs. Therefore, kick back and relax during the flight. Let the body’s immune system do its job while riding on a plane.

Get Up and Stretch

Long flights can inhibit the body’s circulation. The body’s circulation is a key part of getting the immune system where it needs to go. To help with the body’s circulation, get up and stretch periodically. It can even help to simply put the seat back and kick up the feet.

Take Advantage of a Nasal Spray

If the body’s nasal passages dry out, they are going to have a hard time doing their job. In order to help out the body’s nasal passages, get a nasal spray and use this to keep them moist. Try to stay away from nasal sprays that have medication in them, as these can lead to side effects.

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Following these tips can help everyone stay healthy while traveling, particularly during flu season.