Are you feeling drained and looking for natural ways to boost your energy? Ordinarily, people turn to the quick fix – caffeine. Unnatural, addictive, and overall detrimental, caffeine promises energy, but in the long haul, it falls short.

Yet people still grab a coffee, soda, or energy drink when they are tired. If this is you, we want you to know … You are not alone! So … what are natural ways to boost your energy?

Put Down Your Phone

Neuroscientist Sandra Bond Chapman – founder of the Center for Brain Health – blames technology for the mental exhaustion. Disconnecting is easier than you think. Set your phone to airplane mode, put on noise blocking headphones, turn off the computer and television, and don’t talk. Sitting in silence allows your brain to settle.

Get Outside and Get Dirty

While you are out there, why not plant a garden. Skin-to-soil contact fights stress in your body giving you a natural energy boost. While this may sound a somewhat kooky to some, research has repeatedly proven that being outside and digging your bare feet and/or hands into the earth is invigorating.

Grab a Stick of Gum (Sugarless, of course)

Chewing gum does more than simply freshening your breath, it can invigorate your body. It increases blood flow to the brain and heart rate.

Better yet, chew minty gum. It is like splashing icy water on your face.Cinnamon gum is a wonderful choice as well. It motivates and energizes.

Let the Light Shine In

It is no accident that we sleep in darkness and work in the light. It is a well-known fact – at least among those who study it – that bright light triggers your brain’s awareness.

Moreover, the color of the light triggers different areas of the brain and creates diverse levels of alertness.Change a desk lamp to blue bulbs and turn them on in the afternoon when energy wanes the most.

Rub Your Ears

Why should you rub your ears? Because the body’s energy pathways run through that part of the ear…the outer edge of your ear. This is why acupressure is so interesting to people!

Turn Up The Tunes

Music gets you fired up. It gets fingers and feet tapping, heart pumping, and energy flowing. Cue up your favorite playlist and dance, sing, or just listen. Studies prove that music which moves you will also reduce your feelings of weakness and fatigue.

In fact, London researchers discovered that singing reduces tension and boosts energy as much as a cardio workout. That’s right, music is good for the body as well as the soul! Pick a song that really fires you up —one that inspires you to sing along. Then belt it out!

Take a Whiff of Peppermint

Studies have proven that certain odors can increase alertness and reduce fatigue. In fact, all scents trigger some sort of reaction in your body. For instance, peppermint energizes and motivates, rosemary boosts memory, and citrus reduces anxiety. Essential oils are a terrific way to get the scent you want.

Get Out of Your Seat

Sitting for prolonged periods does not conserve energy it, stops its creation. Simply getting up and walking around for a little bit is a natural way to boost your energy.

Better yet, take a cue from above and walk around outside a little if possible. Fresh air and movement will get your circulation going and give you the boost for which you are looking.