It can be a difficult challenge to try and lose weight. The obesity epidemic is very real and can lead to severe health consequences. Some of these include high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Those who would like to avoid these health problems down the road need to take steps to exercise more. Why not start with exercises you can do at your desk?

Jog in Place

Getting back in shape starts with improving aerobic capacity and this involves consistent motion. For this reason, people should take regular breaks at work and start by jogging in place at your desk. While people are concerned that this may look a little bit odd, there are even companies that make treadmills that will work at your desk. Why not give one of these a try and make a truly concerted effort?

Groin and Hamstring Stretches

Yes, the thought of sitting on the floor at the office might be scary, but don’t pass up the opportunity to stretch out the groin and the hamstrings. Sit down with the legs in a V position and alternate reaching to the middle and reaching for the toes. This can help both relieve lactic acid buildup while also preventing injury by improving flexibility.

Dynamic Stretches

Dynamic stretches are an often underrated way to both get the heart rate up and improve flexibility. Core twists can help both strengthen the core while improving abdominal and lat flexibility. Another great stretch is the leg swing. By keeping the leg straight and swinging it 180 degrees front to back, people can stretch out their hamstring while getting their heart rate up. Switch it up and swing the legs from side to side to improve hip flexor flexibility.


Perhaps one of the easiest exercises that you can do at your desk is squats. Squats can build leg strength but this exercise needs to be done correctly. Start by keeping the back straight to avoid back pain. Try to point the toes out a little bit to relieve stress on knee ligaments. Then, make sure to bend all the way down. This will help get the most out of each squat.

Tricep Dips

The triceps can be a hard muscle to exercise at the desk; however, tricep dips can make this happen. Put your back to the desk and place the hands on the edge. Then, dip the body down and up. This will place the body weight on the triceps and help strengthen these muscles.

Calf Raises

Calf raises are an easy and simple way to strengthen the muscles on the back of the leg. People can even do this while sitting in the chair; however, they are more effective when people decide to stand up and place their entire body weight on their toes. Another easy way to add some calf strength is to take their stairs, but calf raises can even be done at the desk.

Mock Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a classic way to build coordination, leg strength, and get in some cardio. While an actual rope might be a bit much for the office, mock jumping rope is an awesome way to get a workout in. Take a few seconds during those breaks to jump rope!