There are lots of people out there who suffer from a severe lack of energy. For some, it could lead to a dragging feeling that lasts well into the day. Others may feel like they have an annoying headache or feel like their eyelids weigh several hundred pounds. The go-to for far too many people in this country is caffeine. While this may work temporarily, caffeine can also create a terrible dependence that can have health consequences and become expensive. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind a few ways to boost your energy without caffeine.

Get More Sleep

While this may appear obvious, many people simply forget about this important point. Bodies need about 8 hours of sleep on average to function at their expected level. Some people suffer from a lack of sleep due to a heavy homework load. Other people may struggle to get sleep because of their children. Regardless, everyone should take steps to get more sleep at night. Try to avoid electronic devices before bed and establish a consistent bedtime and routine. This will help the body develop a circadian rhythm and remove the stimulation of “blue light” before bed.

Reduce Stress

Another way to boost your energy is to reduce stress. Stress manifests both physically and emotionally. When people feel stressed out, their muscles feel tight and their brain starts to run at 100 MPH. They constantly worry about whether or not their problems are going to be resolved. This drains the brain of energy that it would otherwise spend on productive tasks. Try to take steps to reduce this stress. It will allow you to boost your energy.

Steer Clear of Added Sugar

Recently, companies have started placing the nutrition facts regarding “added sugar” on their labels. This is important because it lets the consumer know how much unnatural sugar is being added to their food. Added sugar can give people a temporary high but will also lead to a “sugar crash” on the other side. This can drain people of their energy and leave them dragging in the afternoon. Try to avoid added sugar and consume foods that have only all-natural sugar.

Hydrate More

There are many people in this country who suffer from chronic dehydration. People are replacing water with coffee, soda, and all sorts of other “fun” drinks. The problem with this is that it leads to a chronic state of dehydration. This can impact blood pressure, electrolytes, and overall health. Therefore, try to make a strong effort to drink more water during the course of the day. People may notice that they have more energy.

Exercise More

Lastly, staying in shape is a great way to feel more energized. When people are out of shape, even simple tasks like taking the stairs can become draining. Because of this, it is important to exercise more to get in better shape. People often have “runner’s high” immediately after exercising and staying in shape will leave people feeling more energetic during the course of their workday. Just remember not to exercise right before bed; this runner’s high can keep people up at night.