For most people, the go-to remedy for lower back aches is lying down. However, doctors advise against it; bed rest weakens your lower back muscles worsening the pain. Instead, they recommend some bit of exercises, which include core strengthening, yoga or some simple stretches, exercise is believed to be the best way to reduce the pain.

But before exerting pressure on your lumbar region, consult a doctor as some exercises may not be suitable for your specific condition. However, some lower back workouts are particularly good at dealing with chronic lower back pain. Just to highlight a few, here are five top lower back exercises for a pain-free back.

Piriformis Seated Stretch – excellent stretch exercise

Stiff Piriformis muscles can cause sciatica or intense leg pain. The Piriformis seat stretch particularly targets this muscle and lengthens it for more flexibility. Begin by assuming an upright sitting posture (back straight and chest out). Cross your right leg over the left and place the right foot directly on the thigh of the left leg. Push the left leg’s foot next to your bosom. Place your left hand on the right leg and begin to stretch till you feel some twitch. Switch the legs and repeat the procedure three to five times.

The Piriformis seated stretch can be done when the pain hits or as a daily routine if suffering from chronic lower back pain. It is a twisted version of the glute stretch and a proven perfect lower back pain regiment in physiotherapy.

 Cobra Stretch – best for abdominal aches

The cobra stretch exercise is helpful with stretching tight abdominal muscles and the lower back. Begin by lying on your tummy with your arms and legs parallel to the ground. Slowly lift your frontal body to the point where its total weight entirely rests on your forearms. Ensure your hips are lying flat on the ground. Once the stretch pitch starts to kick in, remain in that position for a minimum of 10 seconds. This stretch also works on your core shoulders and arm muscles.

 Rope and Ab crunches – ideal for muscle imbalance aches

Lower back pain sometimes can be caused by a muscle imbalance in the core region. Relive this type of strain by strengthening your weak abdominals. Their movements counteract the strong back muscles and help combat the pain. This makes rope and Ab crunches a must.

 Hyperextension exercise on a hamstring – excellent for creating a stronger lower back

If your stamina has increased and you are looking for a long-lasting effect, hyperextension exercise on a hamstring is a good choice to start. It involves going down a full stretch with your legs secured onto the hyperextension bench – kind of like an inverted press up.  If exercising from home, you can substitute the hamstring with a fitness ball.


Closing up our list of the five top lower back exercises for a pain-free back is deadlifts. Deadlifts can improve your lower back functional strength if done correctly. By actively developing and strengthening the entire core muscles, deadlifts create internal pressure that then mobilizes the spine thus protecting your lower back.  Deadlifts are proven to protect your lower back muscles more than any other ab-specific exercise.

Begin exercising today to eradicate the constant lower back pains. Try any of our suggested five top lower back exercises for a pain free-back and begin experiencing great results.