While days spent in the sun provide memories that last a lifetime, all of that sun exposure can be very harmful to your health. However, there are multiple factors that help determine just how harmful the sun can be to your body. Age, skin type, family history, and other factors certainly play a role in how the sun treats your skin. But whether your skin is sensitive to the sun or not, it’s important to take precaution when receiving sun exposure. In this post, we’ll discuss 5 tips to protect your skin from the sun, including why these tips are extremely beneficial.

Use Sunscreen Every Day

While many people believe that occasionally wearing sunscreen is good enough for sun protection, think again! Even at times when you’re not in direct sunlight, like driving or during cloudy days, the sun can still be very damaging. In addition, given that this type of exposure isn’t as direct, it can be hard to notice that the sun is harming you. That being said, we recommend using sunscreen every day, especially if you have skin that burns easily.

Use the Right Sunscreen Properly

Although it’s important to always wear sunscreen, it’s vital to use it properly to reap maximum benefits. In addition, it’s also important to use the right kind. Be sure to choose a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB radiation. Also, ensure that the sunscreen is 30 SPF or higher and that it’s water-resistant. Before you head into a sun-exposed area, apply sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes before you head outside the door. This will allow the sunscreen to set into your skin to offer maximum protection.

Limit Time Spent in the Sun

Although properly worn sunscreen can provide amazing benefits for sun protection, limiting your time spent in the sun is one of the most beneficial ways to stay safe. And while every moment of daylight can be harmful to your skin, it’s best to limit sun exposure when the sun is at it’s most extreme state, which is between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Take Advantage of the Right Accessories

Sunscreen can be extremely beneficial to sun protection, but there are also various accessories that can offer exceptional protection. To limit the harm done by the sun, be sure to wear hats, visors, sunglasses, and other accessories to get top-notch protection. While sunglasses obviously protect your eyes from the sun, some models include absorbing technology that helps to also protect the skin surrounding your eyes.

Watch Out for Reflective Surfaces

Another tip to protect your skin from the sun involves keeping an eye out for reflective surfaces. Not many people realize it, but there are many surfaces that reflect sunlight extremely easily, making your skin more susceptible to harm. When you’re exposed to sunlight, be sure to limit the time spent near water, snow, and sand — these surfaces are extremely reflective. And given that this factor can be hard to detect, these reflections can be very dangerous.

Enjoy the Sun Today!

While the sun can be damaging, using the tips mentioned above can offer your skin the protection it deserves. Luckily, there are many ways to stay safe in this sun-exposed world, but remembering these tips in your day-to-day life can be difficult. However, by focusing on these life-changing tips, you can experience those gorgeous sunny days for many years to come!