Kombucha has recently become one of the latest health trends.  At home or through a trusted company, kombucha is under continuing research for its health qualities. However, safety is an important aspect of kombucha. Our ability to purchase or make this healthy beverage at home will continue to develop our knowledge about its powerful components. Read below 5 things you should know before trying Kombucha.

  1. Kombucha is not a miracle elixir. The truth is that an everyday healthy regime ensures health more than following the latest trend.
  2. Kombucha benefits are in the ingredients and the fermentation process. “Good gut bacteria,” or probiotics, is brought out through the process of fermentation. Healthy gut microbiomes reduce IBS symptoms and chronic diarrhea. Fermented food such as kombucha improves intestinal cell health, boosts immune systems, and reduces the risk of allergy.
  3. Unpasteurized kombucha is available, however, it can cause serious intestinal issues in its raw form. No one wants to chance food poisoning or other gut-related illnesses because of the lack of knowledge about “power food’. During the pasteurization process, it loses some punch of good bacteria, but it eliminates the harmful bacteria. The pasteurized version is said to also increases energy, quiets pain, detoxes the body, helps shed extra weight, and heightens the immune system. The vital thing to remember is that unpasteurized kombucha causes several stomach illness.
  4. The kombucha benefits are still somewhat a mystery.It is possible that it protects against sickness and disease while promoting immunity. Science plays a role in the potential of kombucha. However, it is the ingredients and processes the drink goes through that gives it a beneficial possibility.
  5. Probiotics are an essential part of a healthy diet. If kombucha is how someone receives a healthy dose to protect against toxic molecules called free radicals, the information is available. Ensure the purchase of kombucha is produced and sold through a trusted, reliable company, especially if taken raw.

Kombucha starts as an everyday tea bag and black and green tea bags are the most common tea bases used to make this drink. Basic white tea bags can also be the base. Oils and added flavoring can ruin the fermentation process and metal is not a friend to kombucha. It can negatively change the flavor and weakens the scoby. However, the use of metal utensils is perfectly fine. Avoid fermenting or bottling in a metal container.

The top homemade kombucha kits in 2019:

Some pros and cons of making kombucha at home:  


  • Making anything at home seems more relaxed than picking the “right” brand.
  • The strength of the tea is up to the creator.


  • The replacement supplies are hard to keep up with and sometimes expensive.
  • People can only brew so much at a time. The ability to brew puts a gallon at the most someone can brew.