There are countless people in this country who rely on caffeine to wake themselves up in the morning. One of the common vices that people turn to in order to make this happen is soda. While soda does taste good and can help people stay awake, there are several reasons why people should kick their addiction to soda.

1. Too Much Caffeine

With the size of most sodas, there is simply more caffeine in these beverages than people need to stay awake. While it is true that different people need different amounts of caffeine, the body adjusts to what it is given. If the body takes in a large amount of caffeine, the person’s tolerance will go up. Then, the body will require even more caffeine to stay awake. Do not take in more caffeine than is necessary. Remember, the sugar will help people stay awake as well. Stick to small amounts of caffeine if it is truly necessary.

2. Too Much Sugar

Without a doubt, two of the biggest problems facing our healthcare system today is the sheer amounts of diabetes and obesity in this country. One of the culprits is the amount of sugar in almost all of our foods. Sugar can burn out the body’s insulin-producing cells, leading to diabetes, in addition to helping to put on weight. Therefore, try to cut out soda to save the body a significant amount of sugar.

3. Teeth-Staining Issues

A large proportion of the sodas as dark-colored, meaning that they will also stain teeth. It can be hard to get rid of these stains and, furthermore, the bleach treatments that are often used to get rid of these stains can be expensive and make teeth sensitive to hot and cold. Don’t create stains on teeth with soda. There are plenty of foods that already do this.

4. Volume Issues

While cans of soda are twelve ounces, bottles of soda are often twenty ounces. This is an unnecessarily large volume that people simply don’t need. While many people don’t finish these volumes of soda to begin with, those that do often force the volume into their stomach. They feel full early and crowd out the spots that other, healthy nutrients make take up. Don’t sacrifice healthy nutrients for soda.

5. There are Healthier Options Out There

The biggest reason that people need to kick their addiction to soda is that there are healthier options available. When it comes to drinks for meals, think about going with milk, orange juice, or water. These are options that are packed with nutrients and, more importantly, don’t have the sugar, caffeine, or coloring that many sodas have. There are also healthy foods that people should be ingesting instead.

For those who need help managing this addiction and cutting it out completely, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many people who would be happy to do so.