Over the past few years, bone broth has gained attention as a superfood of choice. This extraordinary concoction goes beyond stock in both flavor and health benefits. By extending the cooking time for stock by threefold, it is possible to draw out all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and gelatin in the bones and meat. When you incorporate bone broth into your regular diet, you can great improve your skin, digestion and joint health while reducing inflammation and fatigue.

Promotes Healthy Skin

As bones, tendons and ligaments simmer down, they fill the broth with amazing amounts of collagen and gelatin. These two substances help preserve the elasticity of your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The bone broth can also help promote cell turnover that reveals healthy, glowing skin. Topical collagen products cannot match bone broth in its ability to deliver this beneficial substance straight to where it is needed most

Boosts Joint Health

Prior to discovering the benefits of bone broth, people would take glucosamine to help improve their joint health and even eliminate pain in their joints. Bone broth also contains this helpful substance along with many other vitamins and minerals that help protect the joints. Many of these minerals also help improve the strength of your bones, taking stress off your joints.

Improves Digestion

Bone broth contains tons of effective amino acids called glycine and proline. These substances help improve the function of your digestive system and aids in detoxification. When consumed as a part of your normal diet, this broth can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your stomach. This also helps improve digestion, reduce stomach lining damage and eliminate gastric distress.  

Relieves Inflammation

The amino acids that aid digestion can also help reduce inflammation throughout your body. This helps dramatically improve your health, as chronic inflammation can cause serious problems to develop, such as metabolic syndrome and arthritis. It also helps reduce pain, especially in the joints and other restricted structures.

Keeps Fatigue at Bay

Amino acids come into play once again in fighting fatigue. These acids also help improve sleep at night, which in turn, serves to prevent fatigue during the day. This double dose of fatigue fighters helps to make you feel more energized and ready for what the day brings.

Working Bone Broth Into Your Daily Diet

To get all these amazing benefits, and more, you can work bone broth into your daily diet. Simply add bone broth to whatever meals you are cooking, make wonderful soups or drink it on its own. The bone broth stays good in the fridge for five to seven days on average, so you can use it again and again in your meals.

You can directly control what is in the bone broth by making it yourself. You can easily create your own by starting your favorite stock recipe and turning up the cooking time to 24 hours. By simmering on low heat for a full day, you can pull all the amazing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other helpful substances out of the bones and meat.