The knees are some of the most commonly injured joints in the body. This is because the knees are used for almost every movement involving the lower body. Whether it is walking down the sidewalk, pressing the pedals in the car, going between sitting and standing positions, or playing vigorous athletics, the knees are involved. It is this constant stress that places the joints at risk of being injured. For those with knee troubles, they may be wondering what kind of exercises they can do that will preserve their knee function. A few of the exercises that they can try are discussed below.


Swimming is a fantastic exercise for not only those with knee troubles but also anyone looking to get in some cardiac and strength training. Those who are training to become astronauts use swimming to simulate the effects of a zero-g environment in space. While a swimming pool is not entirely zero-g, it is pretty close, and it is this point that allows individuals to swim without suffering any impacts on their knees. With this zero-impact sport, those with knee troubles can swim without having to worry about damaging the remaining cartilage between the upper and lower legs.


Next on the list is yoga. Popular for numerous reasons, yoga is a great form of body weight training that strengthens the muscles of the body and improves flexibility without placing impacts on the body’s joints. There are many different classes that are great for people of all ability levels. Those who are just starting out should not be afraid to enroll in a beginner class to get the basics down. Then, they can work their way up to more advanced exercises without stressing their knees.

Step Up Exercises

Step up exercises and good for those with knee troubles because they will strengthen the muscles around the knee. While strengthening these muscles, the protection around the knee will be improved. This allows people to exercise and use the knee more without placing more stress on the intrinsic structure of the knee. These are particularly important for those who have torn ligaments in the past.

Hamstring Stretches

Finally, it is very important for those with knee troubles to work on their flexibility as well. This means hamstring stretches will work to their benefit. By improving the flexibility of the hamstring, the knee will not have to work as hard when the leg goes from a flexed to a straight position. Those with knee troubles should not neglect flexibility.

Ultimately, there are many different exercises that someone with knee problems can try. It takes a little bit of motivation and some perseverance to make it happen. The trick is to find exercises that are zero impact exercises that will preserve the cartilage that is left in the knees. There are numerous options available and these will not only save the knees from arthritis and pain but will also help these individuals stay in shape.