Many people have been told that mindfulness is an important key to improving someone’s overall lifestyle. For those who don’t know, mindfulness is the practice of remaining in the present moment, helping to focus on the matters at hand instead of getting caught up in what’s ahead or the regrets of the past. Those who successfully incorporate mindfulness generally lead a life that is more fulfilling and without regrets. While this sounds like a great practice, in theory, many people need help reaching this frame of mind. With this goal ahead, there are a few habits that people can work into their daily routine that will help them be more mindful of themselves and the present moment.


Without a doubt, meditation is a great way to incorporate mindfulness into the daily regimen. Better yet, there are many different ways to meditate. Sometimes, meditation merely involves the individual sitting alone with just their present thoughts. Other people like to meditate while reading a good book or performing yoga. For each individual, meditation is going to be slightly different, which contributes to the overall beauty of meditation itself. The goal of meditation is to focus on the present moment and the emotions that an individual is feeling. By embracing those emotions instead of trying to avoid them, people become more mindful of themselves.


Exercise is another fantastic way to increase mindfulness. Everyone seems to focus on the physical health benefits of exercise and while there are many, there are also many different mental and emotional benefits that exercise can bring, improving someone’s overall mindfulness. Exercise releases a number of different neurotransmitters and many of these help people focus. There’s a reason why everyone seems to be more efficient after exercising. Physical activity can help the mind to focus on the task at hand, helping people become more mindful of the present moment and the tasks before them. During the process of exercise, many people will become more aware of their emotions as well and may find solutions to problems that they otherwise may not have thought of.

Minimize Distractions

One of the problems with modern society is that people seem to try to multitask using their technological devices and lose the ability to perform any one task correctly. This creates a to-do list that is miles long, regrets over past activities, and the inability to remain in the moment. Therefore, people should make an effort to shut off the TV and part ways with their cell phone while performing important activities. There is a time and a place for TV and the phone; however, when a pressing matter on the to-do list is at the top of the priority list, remove distractions. This will improve someone’s ability to be mindful of the present without the distractions of dings and flashing lights.

These are only a few of the many different ways someone can incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives. Why not give them a shot?